TSN Techno Pvt. Ltd.


TSN Techno Pvt Ltd is an organization owned by Dr Sudip Bose who has nearly two decades of expertise in engineering and infrastructure industry. Dr Bose has designed and developed complicated solutions involving core software programming.

TSN has a team of experiences engineers engaged in specialized activities related to Power Systems and Automation.

Under the leadership of De Sudip Bose, TSN is engaged in providing high end electrical engineering solutions and support to customers. TSN has successfully served customers in various segments and categories. The team of TSN is motivated and qualified.

They have participated in sever projects of National and International repute and have met stringent quality standards.

TSN is the authorized partner for Woodward India Pvt Ltd for its synchronization and protection related product lines for Eastern India and Bhutan

Core activities of TSN  include

  • Sales of Woodward products.
  • Sales and support of HMS Network products
  • Designing of solutions pertaining to industrial automation and energy distribution.
  • Periodic and break down Maintenance
  • Providing Value added engineering products and services


  • Expertise of operation and maintenance of every kind of protection relays and other components of Power systems
  • Expertise on Woodward controllers which includes controller settings, calibration, commissioning of synchronization panels, generator Control, Power System load management & Protection systems for every kind of applications adhering to company standards.
  • Setting of power system protection parameters like over current, earth fault , under voltage, over Voltage, Reverse power, Reverse KVAR, Current unbalance, Voltage unbalance , Power factor based protection, voltage dependent over current, df/dt, vector surge, TCS etc.
  • Troubleshooting of automation related power system management circuit.
  • Installation commissioning and maintenance of DG set up to 2 MW.
  • Refurbishment and maintenance of Power systems up to 11 KV.
  • Design, execution and commissioning of control system based standard and Micro processors based electrical circuits.
  • Configuration and calibration of event recording, fault records, trend generation & disturbance recording.
  • Supply, erection, commissioning and troubleshooting of control panels of all kinds.
  • Retrofitting of MCCB and ACB and conversion of MOD to EDO ACB and accessories. Necessary modifications in bas bar arrangement.
  • Energy Audits.